Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life is funny...

How do you know when it's time to take your foot out of the door and let it close?  I've often wondered that.  Call me hardheaded but I never realized that it hurts less to let the door close than it does to keep getting it slammed on my foot.  Go figure. 

I'm starting to learn that, as Justin Bieber would say, "never say never."  Sorry, I know he didn't say it first but I just love him so much that I take any chance I can to talk about him.  Nonsense - I know this.  But back to the matter at hand.  Never say never.  Things I thought I would never do again I now find myself thinking about and considering.  Does this mean I will do them?  Not necessarily but you never know what the future will bring.  One thing about me is I'm not very relaxed about things in life.  If it's not definite or defined I panic.  I don't know why I'm like this but it's just how I've always been.  Maybe when I'm 80 I won't give a crap about anything and just enjoy life.  I just have to learn to let junk go and forget about it.  <sigh> If only it were that easy.

Nonsense has been in full effect for the past week or so.  I'm working on a huge piece of nonsense right now that if it comes thru I'm going to be the HAPPIEST girl in the world.  Something that I've been contemplating for 3 years may finally happen.  More on that if it in fact comes thru.  I don't want to jinx myself.  

More evidence of my thinking that I am the next Martha Stewart - the last bloom on my orchid finally opened today.  It's so pretty...I love it.  I love orchids - no matter what color they are.  They always make me giggle because the long stem is clipped to a stake to keep it from breaking or drooping and the clips that are used look like tiny hair clips.  I always say that they are wearing hair bows. 

I really need a life.  :)

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