Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love and coffee

I am an addict.  A self-diagnosed coffee addict.  My current battle with the addiction started about a year ago after being off the stuff for several years. 

My favorite variety is anything that comes in a Starbucks cup.  My drink of choice is a venti peppermint mocha with whole milk, whipped cream and mocha drizzle - extra hot.  However, I think I have found a new love.  Today a friend told me about his Starbucks drink - a tuxedo mocha.  I had never heard of this drink so I Googled it and found out it is half white mocha and half regular mocha.  Did someone say "mocha"?  Yes, please.  So off I go to my favorite Starbucks where I am warmly greeted like Norm on Cheers.  Yes, everybody there does know my name. I hesitantly order this drink thinking they are not going to know what I am talking about since it's not on the menu.  But as usual my Starbucks never lets me down and they happily make this drink for me despite their shock that I'm not having my usual.  

What happened next can only be described as the equivalent of seeing a rainbow farting unicorn.  This tuxedo is the shizz, the, the thing dreams are made of, all that and a bag of chips.  You get the picture.  The combination of the 2 mocha's is pure heaven.  Sometimes mocha alone is a little too strong for me but this mix is perfect.  It's not too strong or too sweet. It still has that smooth mocha flavor and the whipped cream and mocha drizzle on top gave it the sweetness it needed.  It brought a tiny tear to my eye.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been a shot of peppermint.  I will try that next time.

So how do I break up with my beloved peppermint mocha?  He treated me like a princess for so long.  How do I tell him "it's not you it's me" when really it is him?  


  1. Holy cow, why have I never heard of this?!!!!! *sprinting to nearest Starbucks*

  2. You need addict anonymous ;0)