Friday, March 16, 2012

White folks....

This morning as I was showering I was reminded of a random conversation I heard on a local morning radio show many years ago.  All of the morning show hosts were white and the discussion was about misconceptions that various races have about each other.  Someone called into the show and said that black people think that white people do not use washcloths to bathe.  Of course my first thought was "is this person crazy?" and "where do they do that at?"  But then, to my surprise, one of the female hosts admitted that she in fact did not use a washcloth for bathing.  When asked what she does her response was "I just rub the soap on my butt."  o_O

So, to all my fellow white people: If you come to my house for a visit do not even think about rubbing my soap on your butt.  I will cut you.


  1. I don't use a washcloth ..just like dishrags in the kitchen..I think its nasty! But I do use a scrunchies..I will even have a spare for you when u cum visit ;0)

    1. As long as you are not rubbing the soap on your butt you are alright in my book.