Monday, April 2, 2012

Wasting time

One of my favorite fan pages that I follow on Facebook is Little White Lion.  I've never really taken the time to find out who writes for the page or their website but they are seriously funny.  My favorite posts of theirs are the cards.  Their cards are similar to bluntcard which can also be found on Facebook.  Little White Lion often posts cards that remind me so much of myself that I have to laugh.  The newest one that is spot on for my life is this one. I am all about finding ways to waste my time.  Cooking, crafts, gardening, etc.  You name it and I will try it. 

So it's April already.  April 2nd to be exact.  Almost 2 months until I will be 38.  I never imagined that I would be this old.  Where did the time go?  38, no kids, no husband/boyfriend/potential boyfriend/anyone who can stand to be around me longer than 11 months.  How did this happen?  When I was younger if anyone had told me at 38 I would still be single with no kids I would have laughed at them.  Girls like me where oddities.  Something was wrong with them. (sounds about right in my case)  I now find myself in the situation where more of my friends are like me than not.  Is that because there are more of us or because we tend to gravitate towards each other?  Whatever it is, it's nice to have friends who go through the same things that I do.  Maybe we will find the right person one day, maybe we won't.  Maybe we already found them but drove them away...who knows and I'm not spending another minute worrying about it.  I do know that for me, going forward life is about what makes me happy...not anyone else. 

I couldn't possibly end today's ramblings without some good ole nonsense.  For 3 years I have been wanting a Vespa.  Why?  I don't know but I want one.  Saturday I went to take a look at them and got this snapshot of me cheesing hard on this sweet Vespa GTS 250.  I've been teased relentlessly about the Speed Racer helmet ever since.  So much that I changed my Facebook profile picture to Speed Racer.  More to come on this random act of nonsense....

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw the quote!! I'm pretty gifted when it comes to wasting much so that I'm usually running late...ha ha :-)